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“Youtube today is more than just a platform to share videos.” - those who know the fact hold the key to a jackpot!

Youtube can today prove to be a major part of your business or the whole of your business even. The journey of YTBPals started with this very idea. I, as an individual, tend to be thinking about technology and automation all the time. On that trail of ideas, I once decided to level up my game and earn more money. As most people would do, I also searched on Google for ideas to earn more money and found out that YouTube is one of the most popular ways to earn money.

Creating a YouTube channel, posting videos and earning by views from your subscribers sounded like a really good and simple way to earn money. What next?I directly jumped onto it! I started my channel and posted my first video and boom - there are only 15 subscribers on my channel in a month with just 50 views. I lost hope and started thinking of ways to boost my channel to kick-start the earnings.Once again, I searched on Google to find ways to get YouTube subscribers. I was ready to pay to get subscribers as a one-time investment but I didn`t find any website trustworthy enough which delivers as per the commitment.

This was the point when the idea of YTBPals struck my mind. I'm an IT professional, follow technology so much, then why not start something of my own in the field, but with proper rules and policies which all other existing websites fail to provide. About 6 Months of hard work later, I finally launched YTBPals.com as a Free YouTube subscribers provider platform. The response was encouraging, and in less than 15 days, I got more than expected traffic and users wanted premium plans to get a higher number of subscribers in a day. That very day I gathered a team, started working even harder and with a greater motivation, and in a month’s time, I launched premium plans on the platform. Today YTBPals website is fast turning out to be a brand in providing authentic YouTube subscribers to the users.

In the field of YouTube, we understand that at the end it all zeroes down to the audience being with you. Subscribers are to YouTube channels what oil is to a vehicle. Getting subscribers lies at the crux of any YouTube strategy and is also one of the most difficult parts of it.

At YTBPals, we solve all your worries as far as getting free YouTube subscribers is concerned. We provide you a platform and a mechanism to get real YouTube subscribers that are authentic. Explore our free and paid plans, and register on the website to see how it works.

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