Privacy Policy

YTBPALS Privacy Policy
    YTBPals collects information from the user during registration, use of the services and the website, communicating with site members/admin, using the published content and content uploaded to our site. YTBPals also receive information about the user’s IP address, cookies, and pages he/she has visited. We collect such information solely for the purpose of research and analysis. We can provide the best service and overall experience for our users based on the information we collect.

    YTBPals website uses 'session' cookies for a browser session. The website also stores cookies on your computer to access your login information and other preferences. This is done only to enhance the user’s experience of the YTBPals website and services.

    YTBPals, as a website that provides free YouTube subscribers, shares your provided YouTube channel address with other users so that they can subscribe to your channel and hence increasing your online reach.

    YTBPals not only helps the users get YouTube subscribers fast but also adopts adequate data collection, storage, and processing practices and security measures. We ensure that none of the data that you share with us while using our services is prone to unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your Personal Information like username, password, transaction information and other data stored in your account. We store your data on 256-bit encryption enabled servers which provide a high degree of security to your data. Your data is yours, and even we can't access it on a normal basis.

    YTBPals is strictly against email spamming, and we neither indulge in such practices nor share your registered email address with any external parties so that they can send you marketing emails.

    We will always obtain your prior specific consent before we share or disclose your personally identifiable information to any partner, and/or user. However, we are also accountable to disclose user information and the contents of the accounts to the local law enforcement authorities under specifically defined circumstances. In case of YTBPals service getting merged or acquired, we will be informed about such developments on our website in advance.

    In case of grievances, or to get any further information, you can contact our team at [email protected]

    1.YTBPals reserves the right to ban your account with/without any reason what-so-ever, at any given time.
    2.We don’t share your personal information with our any of partner or client without your permission.
    3.We also reserve the right to change the content and character of this Privacy Policy at any given time without any prior notice

  • When using YTBPals platform, you can stay assured that all your data is private, secured and encrypted on our servers, and it will never be unfairly sold, shared or misused.